Have you ever been bothered on how peoples make tremendous sales out of the facebook platform? Many business have got facebook accounts but are still not able to move traffic to their products. This is because the comments and the information they share cannot attract the potential customers. In the present era of digital marketing facebook still remain to be the mostly used social media platform for making online marketing. Many people across the world use facebook making it a more appropriate in expanding the market of a given business. The greatest concern for many businesses is how to generate traffic over the facebook. Below aree some of the major factors that will make your facebook comments arract more people. Learn more about facebook comment selling, go here.

Use images
The comments in your comments should be backed up with the images of the products. The images save you from more unnecessary explanations about your products since the customers will be able see the the products and be convinced with whatever he or she sees. You must realize that many people do not like reading longer posts on the facebook. Thus images will attract the better.

Continuously update the comments and images
You should not post the same comments over and over again as it will become boring and unpleasant to the customers. Update the comments with the new developments in your business to make the customers be able to learn about the improvements you have made in your business. Let the new comments bring out the changes in your business.  Read more great facts on facebook comment selling , click here.

Make the comments sell the lifestyle around your product
Don’t just focus on the product but go further to tell the potential customers the feeling that your customers have by using the products. The images of some of your clients using the product should be included so as to tell people what your customers gain from the product.

Offer discounts based on time
Many people usually take advantage of the discount offers and the discount is offered to those who will purchase the product will a given period of time more people will move fast s as to enjoy the discount offered.

Conduct some tested and giving awards or free gifts
You should see to it that your conduct some random tests over your facebook account. The tests should revolve around your products and to those who win you offer some free gifts or awards. This will attract more people to participate in the test and in the long run generate traffic to the business. Please view this site https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-sell-an-item-on-facebook  for further details.


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